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Coupon Book - Saving Supporters Thousands!™ is a service offered with the Community Fundraising Book system to all of the Schools, Churches and Non-Profits who are using Community Fundraising Books to accomplish their fundraising efforts. This service is a long term strategy to provide consumers with an online destination where they can purchase a local Coupon Book while supporting their favorite cause. By providing this service to our fundraisers we increase their fundraising efforts, community awareness and exposure and reward their supporters by
continuing to focus on Saving Supporters Thousands!™...

We hope that you will support a local School, Church or Non-Profit today by purchasing a local Coupon Book. The Coupon Books are packed with over $1,000 in savings which help to strengthen the local community and economy.

-  Support Your Favorite Cause By Purchasing A Coupon Book  -

The Athens Georgia and Gainesville Georgia Coupon Books are available for purchase online for only $12 by supporting one of our local school, church, child care or non-profit fundraising groups.

Is Your Group Looking For A Great Fundraising Idea?

Community Fundraising Coupon Books are great for any local fundraising group that is looking for a unique fundraising idea. The concept behind Coupon Book Fundraising is simple. Sell a super valuable local Coupon Book that is packed with valuable coupons and worth ten times the value of what you are selling it for. This not only raises critically needed funds for your organization it also rewards the supporters of your efforts. They will have dozens and dozens of positive experiences with their families eating out and enjoying local family entertainment and they will be glad to support your efforts year after year.

To learn more about how your group can use Coupon Books for your next fundraiser visit Community Fundraising Books for additional Coupon Book fundraising information.


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